Wednesday, 4 April 2018

"Follower of David Vinckboons" is based on Pieter Brueghel II

Mercier, from France, sells on 15 April 2018 a "Flemish School, 17th century, follower of David Vinckboons" Hurdy-gurdy player, estimated at 15,000 to 20,000 Euro.

A hefty price tag for a "follower of", but it has a monogram DVB...

More importantly, the work is largely based on a Pieter Brueghel II from the Noordbrabants Museum in the Netherlands.

The hurdy-gurdy players are similar, but not identical.

Other elements though, like the old woman in the upper left corner, are almost identical. Some aspects are reversed and mixed up a bit.

An identical work, this time attributed directly to Vinckboons, was for sale at Christie's in 2012. It sold for £16,000. The estimate for the current one seems a bit inflated, but Breughelian works remain popular with buyers.

UPDATE: again for sale, now at Dorotheum, on 23 October 2018, estimated at 20,000 to 30,000 Euro. They mention "signed with monogram BVB..." which is strange of course, as it is a DVB (they mention David Vinckboons in the description).

UPDATE 2: sold for 27,500 Euro.

Another version sold at Sotheby's in October 2018 for £81,000. And a better version is for sale at Christie's (lot 24) on 6 December 2018, with an estimate of 290,000 Euro!

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