Thursday, 19 April 2018

"Circle of Master of the Prodigal Son" is copy after Adriaan de Weerdt.

Ader, from France, sells on 4 May 2018 a "Dutch School, ca. 1600, circle of the Master of the Prodigal Son" Ruth and Boaz, estimated at 800 to 1,200 Euro.

The style reminds me more of Frans Floris than of the Master of the Prodigal on, but in the end this is just a decent copy after an engraving by Philips Galle after a design by Adriaan de Weerdt, which is kept in the Albertina in Vienna.

The painting has changed the backgorund though, making it a bit more lively and Flemish (Breugelian) in style. A nice enough painting, and worth the estimate, but nothing more.

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