Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Flemish School, late 16th century: a Pieter Huys?

Hampel, from Germany, sells on 12 April 2018 a "Flemish School, end of 16th century" Allegory of Winter, an oil on panel estimated at 30,000 to 40,000 Euro.

It was previously sold in 2015 at Dogny, in Switzerland, for 4,000 Swiss Francs, so the current estimate is about 10 times higher. It has been restored in the meantime, but even so this is a significant increase in value.

It looks like this may be the work of Pieter Huys (1519-1584), whose main body of work is in the Bosch / Brueghel vein of apocalyptic scenes, but who also has a small body of work of rather caricatural people with heavy emotions.

The painting for sale may even be a counterpart to his "A woman enraged", which was offered at Christie's in 2010 for $100,000 (but didn't sell). The work for sale is 65 by 49 cm, oil on panel: the Woman Enraged was 64,3 by 50,2 cm, or nearly the exact same dimensions. Both are allegorical representations of some sin or folly.

The painting for sale has the typical Huys hands and eyes, and mouths showing teeth. Whether it is by or after Huys is hard to tell though. The estimated value seems high without a more firm attribution to Huys, but it is an interesting work and the previous sale was cheap.

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