Monday, 23 October 2017

"Saint Rosalie" is a Virgin of the Litanies

Tajan, from France, sells on 27 October 2017 a "Spanish School, 18th century" Saint Rosalie and attributes, estimated at 600 to 800 Euro.

The work is comparable to one I highlighted in October 2015, and is a depiction of the Virgin with a number of her typical attributes. No idea where they got the idea of a Saint Rosalie from. As in October 2015, this one is extra interesting because it doesn't just show the Marial attributes but names them as well.

The named attributes here are "Electa ut sol", "Stella Maris", "Sipres suve olo", "Rossa inti" (perhaps the reason they thought it a Saint Rosalie?), "Lilium", "Oliva spe", "Fons Ucna", "Spequlum", "Pulchra ut lunt", "Hortus Conclu" and "Sivitas Dei". These are (with more writing errors) about the same as the one in the 2015 image. The fact that some texts and images are cut down seems to indicate that the painting originally was larger (or that part of the painting is hidden behind a frame?).

The work seems more 17th century than 18th century to me, but is not really wel painted in any case, and is again worth more for its cultural value than for purely artistic value.

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  1. This image is of the type "Tota Pulchra", with Marian epithets from the biblical "Canticle of Canticles" but not from the Litanies, if you refer to the Lauretan Litany.