Tuesday, 10 October 2017

"Flemish School": Master of the Prodigal Son?

Nagel, from Germany, sells on 11 October 2017 a "Flemish School, 2nd half 16th century" Return of Tobias, estimated at 2,800 Euro.

Another version of the same work is listed in RKD as by a Follower of the Master of the Prodigal Son, or Circle of Adam van Noort (thus at Christie's in 1998).

Considering that the work for sale is better than the RKD version, I wonder if it can be attributed directly to the Master of the Prodigal Son.

Another version of the story, attributed to this Master, certainly has some similarities. A link with Adam van Noort seems much less likely.

The work has a low estimate and should fetch closer to 5,000 Euro.

UPDATE: For sale at Hampel on 26 september 2018 for a rather whopping 25,000 to 35,000 Euro! Flamish School, 16th or 17 century, circle of Frans Floris or Marten de Vos. While the previous estimate was clearly too low, the new one seems a bit optimistic.

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