Monday, 12 December 2016

Scottish impressionist John Mylne

Rops, from Belgium, sells on 18 December 2016 a "Signed" misty landscape, a 92 by 116 cm canvas estimated at 800 to 1,200 Euro.

I couldn't find a signature on the front, but deciphering the backside and some searching lead me to John Mylne, a Scottish Impressionist painter who was active between 1886 and 1919, but about whom very little can be found online. The reverse also indicates the actual title of the work: The Gargunock Hil, Stirlingshire.

At first I even thought he was an "invented" painter by some modern fakers, as the only work I found was too close to the one for sale to be accidental. Only #1 (the one now for sale) and #2 have been for sale in the last decade or so, no other work by him can be found? Presumably both works were sent in to one of the major exhibitions, like the Royal Academy or its Scottish equivalent. Further research would be needed to confirm this.

That second work, Evening, was for sale recently at ForeignAffair for $4,800, so way above the current estimate. That site also has some additional info on him.

That work (Evening) was sold at Bonhams in 2012 for only £400; that sale also indicates that this was a much smaller work (30 by 46 cm); a work with the same title was sold at Christie's in 1886. This means that this isn't some recently invented artist, but also that very, very few works by him come on the market.

So; very few works to compare it with, but a painter who is good enough to be sold at Christie's and the like, and a good and good sized work. I would estimate it at 2,000 Euro. But it would be interesting to know why such an accomplished artist has such a limited known output.

UPDATE: unsold, strange.

UPDATE 2: again for sale on 29 January 2017, now for 400 to 600 Euro. Perhaps I should simply go for it at that price.

UPDATE 3: sold for  only 330 Euro, very very cheap. Perhaps it will now reappear in a Scottish auction?

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