Monday, 19 December 2016

Beautiful frame

Allgauer, from Germany, sells on 12 January 2017 a "French, 19th/20th century" Genre scene, estimated at 5 Euro.

This small work (diameter of 9 cm only) has a wonderful frame, made from leather. I know nothing about frames, but I can't easily find other examples of such an elaborate frame, with nice Orientalism influences which are reminiscent of Art Nouveau (though too symmetrical for that).

The painting is a typical sweet French romantic park scene, well executed in a sketchy style which seems influenced by Impressionism. I guess the work is from about 1910-1920.

As a curiosity of serious quality, it should fetch a few hundred Euros probably, but it is hard to predict such a thing when, like I said, one knows next to nothing about it. I'll probably tweet this one to the Frame Blog, perhaps they have more information on this!

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