Wednesday, 21 September 2016

"17c. Venetian" is poor copy after Rubens (plus cheaper and better "Italian" copy)

Viscontea, auction house from Milan, Italy, sells on 26 September 2016 a "17th century Venetian School" Judgment of Solomon (120 by 91 cm), estimated at 1,500 to 3,000 Euro.

While it may have been painted by someone from Venice, it actually is a very poor and dark copy of a rather famous work by Rubens from about 1617, now in the Statens Museum for Kunst in Denmark.

It will struggle to sell for more than 1,000 Euro.

On the other hand, Pforzheim (also from Germany) sells on 1 October 2016 another copy of the same work, described this time as "Italian School, 2nd half 17th c.", but estimated at 800 Euro only (and it's bigger as well, 159 by 150 cm!).
It still is a pretty weak copy, but much better and more attractive than the Viscontea one.

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