Wednesday, 10 May 2017

"Dutch School" is copy after English engraving

Doyle, from New York, sells on 24 May 2017 a "Dutch School, 17th century" Orpheus and the animals, estimated at $4,000 to $6,000.

While the topic has been treated multiple times by Dutch and Flemish artists, this version is probably British, as it is based on an English engraving from ca. 1650-1670, as can be seen at the British Museum website. The engraving is more detailed and richer than the painting, which lacks some elements (changed to the little stream keft of Orpheus). As the painting is worse than the engraving, it is obvious that it is based on the engraving. It is most likely English and may well be early 18th century. The estimate is too high for this copy.

UPDATE: sold for $3,437, still seems like plenty for a good copy after an engraving.

UPDATE 2: For sale at Hargesheimer on 17 March 2018, with the description "DUTCH/FLEMISH SCHOOL Master, active in the second half of the 17th c" and estimated at 2,800€, which is still too much and which would mean a loss for the previous buyer anyway.

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