Monday, 6 February 2017

"C. Harch, German School" is Austrian Carl Hasch

Horta, from Brussels, sells on 20 February 2017 a "C. Harch, German School, 19th century" Duck pond, estimated at 650 to 850 Euro.

The signature reads more like Hasch instead of Harch, and with that name we can find Carl Hasch (1834-1897), an Austrian painter of landscapes. His works fetch usually around 4,000 Euro, sometimes as high as 10,000 Euro, but usually they are also better, more detailed and convincing.

He really was, without being in any way a revolutionary or exceptional painter, a very good artisan, producing some of the better classical landscapes of the period.

In the work for sale, the willows are very well captured, but the remainder is a bit too broadly painted, better than most amateur painters would do it but a far cry from the best Hasch works.

The above weak example by Hasch was sold for 750 Euro at Dorotheum in 2012, and the current one is better and somewhat larger as well. I can see this one go for at least 1,000 Euro.

UPDATE: sold for 800 Euro.

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