Friday, 1 July 2016

Italian 16th c. pietà is copy after Carracci

Neumeister, from Germany, sells on 6 July 2016 an "Italy, 2nd half 16th c." Pieta, estimated at 2,000 to 3,000 Euro.

It's a powerful painting, but dirty and damaged and perhaps painted somewhat simplistic. It looks later than the 16th c., I would guess 17th c.

Searching for an artist or origin, I came across art shop, which sells an "18th c. Baroque" pieta with the same composition, but with differences (e.g. a putto instead of John the Baptist).

Both turn out to be adapted reversed copies of a Pietà by Annibale Carracci from ca. 1600, which makes it clear that auction dating is some 100 years (or more) off. The copies, reversed and with different colours, are likely based off an engraving and not from the original painting. Whether that makes it worth more or less than the estimate depends on how much you like it, it certainly won't be worth much more. I do wonder how much the Rubylane site charges for their copy though!

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